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About Me...

Growing up in a Sri Lankan household I was surrounded by deliciously soft sponges and have always been intrigued by the science behind baking but it was not until December 2019 shortly after the birth of my daughter that I was inspired to go from being a hobby baker to a professional baker. There is something about becoming a mother that has led me to finally pursue my dream and make that "one day" a reality.  

Why am I so passionate about cakes? Some of our most precious moments filled with love and laughter are milestone occasions that we celebrate with cake. It signifies sweet beginnings and at that moment, it takes your mind away from the troubles of the world.   As some who is creative at heart, I am passionate about creating bespoke, indulgent cakes that look as good as it tastes. I love playing a small part in creating those beautiful memories of love and laughter as you indulge in a beautifully hand-crafted centre-piece. 

Aside from being a baker I am now a mum to two gorgeous babies and work in the financial services sector. During my time at JP Morgan and Chase I learned that "Change is the only constant" and it is important to invest in oneself in order to be the best version possible. With this in mind, I have continued to invest time and effort to learn new techniques and attend in-person training with world-renowned bakers like Rosalind Miller and Chell Bells Cakes. Doing so has allowed me to build my confidence to create elegantly crafted cakes that are uplifting and fulfilling. 


It truly means the world to be able to build a future doing what I love and I am grateful for every client that makes it all possible. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, I look forward to making your dream cake for your special moment!

Love Kanchana 



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